Handing a company over to the next generation

Handing a company over to the next generation is not always easy. When is the right time? What qualifications should the successor(s) have? What role does the senior play? Many questions can and should be planned and settled well in advance. Tiding-Online spoke to an expert on succession concepts in family-owned businesses about what needs to be taken into account. Read more in our online-magazine Tiding.

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Tiding-online: Hanseatic handshake and sustainability as a recipe for success

In the last ten years the entrepreneur Stefan Moritz has not written a written contract as agreements are made by handshake. Trust counts for him and his customers - this is longer lasting than paper according to his company philosophy. He also focuses on sustainability with his core product: trade fair and event planning. Unusual in the industry - but it works. Read the story

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