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Successful business trip to Tikhvin/Russia

Russian companies are looking for the business partners

Herford, 05th of November, 2015. At the invitation of the City of Tikhvin a delegation of the Business Hanse visited at the end of October the Russian Hanseatic City, located ca. 250 kilometers east of St. Petersburg. During two days about 60 representatives from economy and municipal governments met there to feel out cooperation possibilities. Among them were also members of the Business Hanse from Germany, Estonia and the Russian Hanseatic cities Welikij Nowgorod and Kingisepp. Besides, in the focus of the business talks  stood in the first place the topics like waste disposal, energy, mechanical engineering, textile industry and steel industry, but also health and education. Even four concrete business agreements by handshake could be celebrated at the close of the events.

"The Russian companies are very openly for an active cooperation with the west-european partners. One company - our member - from Münster still closed on site immediately four concrete cooperation agreements with Russian partners“, reports about the success of the trip Marion Köhn, manager of the Business HANSE e.V. „But there is also for some companies from Herford, that, unfortunately,could not take part in the trip by reason of other appointments,  interesting commercial proposals. We could deep it during a new meeting in the beginning of the next year.“ The numerous company visits which stood on the programme goes to prove that the subject spectrum of two days was very wide: From the steel production up to the textile enterprise, from the lemonade manufacturer up to the peat and chemical industry, from the producer of the ethereal oils up to the leading carriage plant of Russia.

From the talks and numerous company visits Marion Köhn brought home the concrete cooperation wishes to the business of Herford . „The hospital there searches suppliers for various equipment elements, the optimisation of the closed-loop economy was a central subject by all municipal representatives and the questions all around the optimisation of electric energy consumption and energy use stretched through all appointments. However, on the other hand, there are also for our enterprises possibilities to lean on the local manufacturing offers in the field of steel and metal industry.“

Economic aspects stood in the foreground of all talks. However, also a cultural exchange scores a great success. „Tichwin is not only a modern industrial location, but also the cultural capital of Russia“ explained Alexander Lazarewytsch, the Head of the Hanseatic City of Tikhvin . „We invest a lot in our culture, have an excellent concert and culture center and many famous artists that are known in the whole of Russia.“ The inhabitants are also proud on her new-built city library.

Marion Köhn could also see this modern equipment for herself. „Tichwin is a very open city“, reports Köhn taken many impressions of the Russian man-made landscape. „Also in these fields I see potential and exciting background for the common projects.“

Background information:

The members of Business Hanse, the Europe-wide network for entrepreneurs and companies, are reviving the traditional values of reputable merchants: Quality, trust and fairness in business relations. The goal is the same that it has been for centuries: To promote and to strengthen international trade through trust and clear rules. In addition, members can jointly use their strengths: A strong organisation is growing through the combination of municipalities and business development, universities, enterprises and financial institutions, which intends to connect businesses in the 185 Hanseatic cities in 16 European countries.


Production in the textile company Comazo.
A part of the participants for a visit by the ironworks in Tikhvin.
Production in the textile company Comazo.
In the produktion of the steel plant in Tikhvin.

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