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Hanse-Evening „Network at Denkwerk“ has a successful start.

Philosophy of “honourable businessman” receives big interest.

The new initiative of the Business Hanse “Network at Denkwerk” attracted more interested parties. To the opening event in the lounge of the Denkwerk in Leopoldstraße in Herford came nerly 30 interested persons and members of the Business Hanse from  East Westphalia, Münster, Buxtehude and Lingen in Emsland. “I am pleased that the new initiative of Business Hanse aroused straightaway so much interest. Today we will use this meeting to let us know and to talk more with one another rather than about one another. This is the basis to develop new ideas and to profit from one another”, welcomed the numerous guests Tim Kähler, the mayor of City of Herford.

Denkwerk in Leopoldstraße provided a perfect setting for the meeting. Oliver Flaskämper, internet businessman, the initiator and shareholder of Denkwerk presented the first in Herford Business Start-up and Enterpreneurship Centre. Marion Köhn, Board of Business Hanse, welcomed the new member of the Business Hanse Holger Krause, insurance broker from Minden and handed him the member certificate and the logo pin of Business Hanse. “The idea to translate the philosophy of honourable businessman of yore in the new time is in my opinion exciting. I want to be involved in this work”, said Krause.

The relaxed atmosphere in the lounge of Denkwerk resulted subsequently  in many interesting conversations. Thomas Herold stressed: „The internationality of Business Hanse holds many opportunities. But even more municipalities should support strengthening relations financial“.  It is exemplary that the mayor of Herford is active enthusiastically. This should have multipliers, said Herold.

The next Hanse-Evening with network in Denkwerk will take place on August, 2. A number of new ideas for the Business Hanse could be improved

Background information:

The members of Business Hanse, the Europe-wide network for entrepreneurs and companies, are reviving the traditional values of reputable merchants: Quality, trust and fairness in business relations. The goal is the same that it has been for centuries: To promote and to strengthen international trade through trust and clear rules. In addition, members can jointly use their strengths: A strong organisation is growing through the combination of municipalities and business development, universities, enterprises and financial institutions, which intends to connect businesses in the 185 Hanseatic cities in 16 European countries.


New member Holger Krause, KRAUSE-Honorar-Finanzberater + Versicherungsmakler
Hanse-Evening „Network at Denkwerk“

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