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Annual general meeting of Business Hanse e.V.

New Executive Board with ambitious business targets

Herford, 25th August 2016. Members of Business Hanse from many European countries met at the annual general meeting at the Hanse headquarters in Herford. They unanimously elected Thomas Herold, former head of Paderborn’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as their new chairman. Herford’s mayor, Tim Kähler, Deputy Chairman, presented the ambitious business targets for the coming years. Among other things, the newly elected Executive Board aims to work with the renowned Gustav Stresemann Institute (GSI Bonn), which is one of the leading European organisations for political education. The independent institute has already demonstrated its readiness to organise events on current European and international issues in cooperation with Hanse.

In addition, Hanse wants to significantly expand its range of services, strengthen relationships within the business and attract new members. In October, Hanse will send a business delegation to Kohtla-Jarve in Estonia. There are also further invitations to travel to La Rochelle in France and to the Netherlands. Bitcoin, the internet currency, will be introduced as an additional payment method. Oliver Flaskämper, member of Hanse and board member of Bitcoin Germany AG informed the Executive Board at the General Meeting about the terms and functions of Bitcoin.

Marion Köhn, Executive Chairman, informed the executive board about the various activities in the past financial year. Participants not only made new contacts at international delegations, but also founded concrete business relationships resulting in large trade agreements. The idea of international business trips and meet-ups was outlined by Köhn - “We want our commitment to open doors for you, but you have to walk through them yourself”. The first regional networking events were successful and will be introduced in other regions.

Aside from the Chairman Thomas Herold, the newly elected Executive Board of Business includes: Jelena Dulneva, (Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia); Burkhard Fülles (Housefabrik GmbH, Telgte, Germany), Tim Kähler (Mayor of Herford, Germany, Deputy Chairman), Marion Köhn (Managing Director), Hans-Jürgen Stricker (Commerzbank AG / Germany) and Wibo van Wier (Trade Office Zwolle, Netherlands). As committee members Konstantin Mikhaylov and Nick Daubney supplement the boards of the Hansekontore (branch offices) in Russia and England.

Executive Board of Business Hanse:

Wirtschaftsbund Hanse e.V.
Marion Köhn
Rathausplatz 1
32052 Herford
Tel.: +49 5221 189 1579
Fax: +49 5 221 189 1577


Members of Business Hanse are reviving the traditional values of respectable merchants for the European-wide network of entrepreneurs and economic actors: Quality, trust and fairness in business relations. The aim is the same as it was centuries ago: International trade should be promoted through trust and clear regulations. Members can play to their strengths together: By connecting municipalities with economic development, colleges, businesses and financial institutions, a strong organisation will grow that intends to connect the economies of the 185 Hanseatic cities within 16 European countries.


After the General meeting of Business Hanse e.V.
The new executive Board of Business Hanse e.V.

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