Hanseatic Kontors

In the Middle Ages it was a special honouring if a Hanseatic office was opened in some or other city: only one official office represented in the Hanse his native land in every country and was in so doing the most important commercial establishment in the biggest economic alliance of this time. Now this principle was taken up. The English King's Lynn was called to the first office of the Business HANSE. Directly afterwards a Hanseatic Kontor was opened in Welikij Nowgorod and is from now responsible for the all Russian Federation. The English and Russian enterprises that want to make a contact with the Business HANSE and its members can approach to the in each case responsible Kontor in the respective country.

Other Hanseatic Kontors, that will fulfil the function of a constant representative in their countries, will follow. The information and the contacts about the Business HANSE will go bundled up through the respective city, so that also linguistic barriers can be cleared for the companies - members of The Business HANSE - substantially lighter.

Hanseatic Kontor in England

Contact person:

Mr. Ostap Paparega
Chief Executive’s Office
King's Court, Chapel Street
PE30 1EX King´s Lynn, Norfolk

Phone: +44 1553 616890

Web: www.visitwestnorfolk.com

Hanseatic Kontor in Russia

Contact person::

Ms. Larisa Musytschenko
The Hanseatic City of Welikij Nowgorod
B. Wlasiewskaja 4
173007 Welikij Nowgorod

Phone: +7 8162 994 208

E-Mail: mlm@adm.nov.ru
Web: www.adm.nov.ru

The Hansetic Kontors represent the philosophy and the business policy of the Business Hanse, as well as of the members who are resident in the catchment area of the Kontor or have a business interest for this area (land/region).
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