Old values in new times

Old values are an asset for the modern times – the Business Conference from 12 -13 June 2013 in Herford, East-Westphalia, will be the kick-off event. The foundation of the new Business Alliance will definitely set a new standard. We will reactivate the original Merchants‘ Hanseatic Laegue as a networking service for national and international enterprises. At the foundation event, entrepreneurs from the European Hanseatic cities will come together to put the new Business HANSE to action and to shape it in a modern way on the basis of its good old values.

The conference is all about personal contacts, about creating a new awareness of being a „HANSEATIC MERCHANT“, as well as the recognition and focussing on the substance of the brand values of the HANSE, which offer a significant added value to the enterprises within the Business Alliance.

A retrospective

The conference provided many surprising moments - that ensured not only the speakers and participants, but also the location in the old freight station.